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The Bomber Dash

Click here to download the FREEWARE game. (314074 bytes)

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*** The BOMBER DASH Project ***
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This is a FREEWARE game running under Windows98/2000/ME/XP. The game
basicly is a combination of the classic games "Boulder Dash" and
"Bomber Man". This version is a 2.0 BETA demo, it contains 35 playable levels. Keys:

* In the menu screen use the Cursor Up/Down keys for choose a new player
* If the selected player has completed some levels, you can play these
levels again, use the Cursor Left/Right to select any available level.
* Press Enter to play with the selected player or enter a new player name
* Press DEL to delete the selected player
* Press ESC to quit

* Cursor keys: move your man
* Space: put a bomb (if you have any)
* Ctrl: put a mine (if you have any)
* ESC: quit from the level, go back to the MENU.
* P: Pause
System Requirements:
* Windows9x/2000/XP/ME with Direct-X 7 or better
* Mimimum P2/333Mhz CPU (runs slowly on P1 )
* Patience :-)

[Have not tested on ME, but it should work.] Known issues/bugs:
* With some video cards the mouse cursor does not disappear at the
beginning. To hide the mouse in the game, just touch your mouse
and the cursor will disappear by the first move.
* DO NOT switch the Windows (Alt-TAB) to another application while the
game is running. Unfortunately it won't come back.
* The game works with P1 CPUs as well, but it's really slow.
Sorry, that's my fault I know. I use a simple but not that efficient
screen refresh method. (I haven't tested but think it runs fairly
on P1 200 Mhz. On P1 133 Mhz it's slow.) Contact:

Jozsef Laszlo

You can write me English or Hungarian E-mails. Feedbacks welcome.

Do you like the game? Do you want to help me? I need volunteers for
planning and creating new levels as I am too lazy to do this. :-)

Click here to download the FREEWARE game. (314074 bytes)